We invent websites that work for you!

About Us

8795048576_db42642b9fHere’s what we’re all about:

Helping people accomplish goals online.

That’s it, but that’s quite a bit.  Big goals such as creating full-scale custom web-apps that do real work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Also simpler goals such as creating a wonderfully engaging and beautiful personal blog or small business website.  We also do most everything in-between.

We’re all about making the web more useful and more beautiful.  Coming from a remodeling and construction background in a previous life, we think of the Internet much like you might think of a giant city or community.  We think of websites as the buildings we work and live in.  As with the physical world around us, we want to help make the online world more useful, easier to navigate, and a nicer environment to be in.

We started the journey from building houses to building websites through blogging.  We started RemodelingGuy.net and EverythingEtsy.com in 2008 and since then have published thousands of blog posts and at one point exclusively made our living as “professional bloggers” writing for our own sites and some more well known outfits such as Hearst Magazines (PopularMechanics.com) and Reader’s Digest (The Family Handyman), among many others.  We still blog regularly on our original sites and ones we’ve added along the way, but it’s not our primary livelihood these days.

That important role is filled here serving our customers by building, rebuilding, improving, and maintaining websites that work. And we love every minute of it!