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$100 Free AdWords Advertising


You know, we weren't always in the Internet Business. I (Tim) used to be in the remodeling business, and Kim used to help me with that and spend the rest of her time homeschooling our two boys. I mention that because I'm reminded this morning … [Continue reading]

Knowing How to Answer: What Do You Do?

Man With Stick

The following little imaginary interaction is something I would normally keep to myself. Just a thought exercise. Wouldn't want people thinking I have a multiple personality disorder or anything... But the truth is that many of our clients face … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Good Websites


I've been working on the redesign for the CrazyTree Media website for a solid 48 hours with a precious few given to sleep.  As I've got so far yet to go it brings the truth of the matter to mind... A good website is never done A good website is … [Continue reading]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! This is our Facebook Page. … [Continue reading]