And by Website, I Mean “Web App”

There is really not much call for the traditional “website” anymore. Even though that’s the term often used to refer to the various bits of on-screen information, media, and tools you might find at a given address, there’s really very few pages that don’t function more like a program than like a printed page. Sites […]

Use Caution With Email Personalization

Email marketing is a great tool and one that businesses and organizations of all types should take advantage of on one level or another. However, just like every other form of customer communication, it’s not without a few danger zones. One of the areas to watch out for is personalization of your emails. This is […]

Six Must-Haves For A Great Website

1. The home page of the website should display current content. This means that the home page should not be static (not changing) it should be dynamic. Clients, prospects, vendors, whatever, should get used to seeing different information on the home page of the site when they visit. By “content” I mean pictures, words, headings, […]

The Truth About Good Websites

I’ve been working on the redesign for the CrazyTree Media website for a solid 48 hours with a precious few given to sleep.  As I’ve got so far yet to go it brings the truth of the matter to mind… A good website is never done A good website is more akin to a periodical […]