Using CSS Inline to Create an Accent Box

This post will teach you to use inline CSS in your WordPress posts and pages. The first thing I learned when teaching myself web design was how to do basic HTML, the next thing was CSS. CSS is the coding language that determines the “look and feel” of pretty much everything you see on the […]

Keeping WordPress Up To Date

Software updates can be a bit of a pain in the neck if you ask me. I really do get tired of constantly getting popups on my computer screen telling me this software or that has a new update that needs to be installed. Usually the implied price of non-compliance is a serious life-altering security […]

Getting to Know The WordPress Dashboard – Part 1 — Posts, Pages, and Settings

I come from a non-tech background so I still get a kick out of the things “tech natives” take for granted as obvious. For me when I first started, nothing much was obvious…other than my total ineptidude that is. The first thing I tried to do was to establish a hosting account and get a […]