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Etsylink Comments WordPress Plugin (Beta)

Etsylink Comments is a plugin for WordPress sites that creates an additional field in the Response Area of the comments section for the user to input their Etsy username (Shop Name). The plugin then adds a link to the user’s comment that points to their Etsy shop.




See the plugin live at our sites and

Getting The Plugin

This plugin is still in the testing phase and isn’t totally complete/ready for distribution. Once its complete we wil submit it to the WordPress Repository where it will be available for download and automatic installation on all self-hosted WordPress sites.

That process may take some time. If you would like to be notified as soon as the plugin is ready for public beta testing, please complete the form below and we will email you.

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Crazy Tree Media customers… you can have the plugin now. Just contact us and we’ll install it to your site and configure it for you.

Credit to Twitterlink Comments and CommentLuv

This plugin is based on and derived from the Twitterlink Comments plugin by CommentLuv. Without the work they put into the creation of that plugin, my job would have been much harder and the result probably wouldn’t have been as good.

Any Suggestions?

Head over to or and give the plugin a try! Let us know if you see anywhere from the user’s perspective that the plugin could be improved.


– Tim

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