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Keeping WordPress Up To Date

Software updates can be a bit of a pain in the neck if you ask me. I really do get tired of constantly getting popups on my computer screen telling me this software or that has a new update that needs to be installed. Usually the implied price of non-compliance is a serious life-altering security breach that would leave me homeless, destititute, and essentially without a glimmer of hope.

So I usually go ahead and update.

WordPress is no different. WordPress has released probably a dozen new versions or patches since I started using it a few years ago. Back in the day, it was kind of a chore to update. Nowadays it’s as easy as clicking a button or two. (usually)

WordPress One Click Update

When an update is available, you’ll see this at the top of your admin dashboard:


The starting point is obvious… click the link and you’re taken to a page that explains the potential dangers of updating and suggests you should have a full backup of your site before proceeding.

Unless I’ve just made major changes to a site that involved tons of work that I don’t have a copy of, I usually run wild with this and just go for it.

All of my sites back-up automatically at least once a week at a minimum so I know I won’t have to go back too far if there is some sort of catastrophy.


The page also shows the plugins that I have installed which are ready for an update. If I’m in a big hurry I update them all at once, but I usually update the plugins one at a time and check the site after each one. Plugins are more likely to cause problems than the core WordPress code.

Hit the “update now” button and sit back for a few seconds…


Update done. New features are sometimes displayed as shown above.

Usually it’s as simple as that and life can go on.

Keeping Up To Date is a Best Practice

There are dangers with websites. Sites get hacked all the time and the damage can range from annoying to the aforementioned total annihaliation.

Updating your site won’t ensure your total safety, but it is one of the things you can do to at least improve your position.

And it’s easy. So do it now.

Crazy Tree customers on plan Blogger and above have this service included at no extra charge. But it’s not automatic, you have to let us know you need the update.

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