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Websites Are Inventions

Science and Invention Nov 1928 Cover 2

Entrepreneurial types everywhere probably do the same thing I do.  They read the news and see one opportunity after another.  There are so many opportunities that the biggest problem is trying not to see them all so you can actually focus on one, or two, or three.  Four (or five) at the most. (generally)

I read the news and I read about opportunities in health care, finance, construction, non-profit, entertainment, travel, and in ministry.  And that’s just one day’s worth of headlines.  The truth is that there are thousands of things that will never change as long as people walk this earth.  People will always need care, shelter, entertainment, escape, a place to give, and a place to worship and be ministered to.

These things are constant, will always be needs that must be filled, and are just a few of the biggest and most general.  You can dial in the focus as close as you want.

As long as the constants remain, and they always will, then there will always be limitless areas of improvement and limitless ideas to make things better.

Some of those ideas will happen.  Some of those areas will be improved.  Some of those improvements will result in massive change.  Some of those massive changes will be massively good for everyone.

That’s why we stay focused on the Internet.  That’s why we’re looking for people who want to build “problem solving machines” online.  We use the word website, but to us it really means “invention”.

What can we invent to solve your problem?

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